Authorisation keys

Learn how our authorisation keys are obtained.


In this section we detail the steps necessary to successfully set up your Ordo account and build your first integration on our platform. This will allow you to perform actions like sending payment requests, so your customers can pay you quickly, easily and securely.

You'll need a set of three different API keys for each of our environments – starting in the Staging environment before moving onto Production.

See below for the necessary keys required to be able to use any of the Ordo API products.

subscription_keyThe key used to access the Ordo API Management gateway.
client_idUnique string identifying your application.
client_secretSecret key used to authenticate your application with our platform.

Ordo keys & secrets explained

There are 3 easy steps that are required to get you up and running with our API's - we'll start with our Staging environment first, however the steps are the same when integrating on Production. The product we'll use in this guide is the Biller Delivery product


The Ordo Developer Portal is where you can sign up and subscribe to Ordo Product(s) that best suit your solution or need and obtain a subscription_key for each product. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your use cases and provide advice. Please contact support to discuss your use case or arrange a demo here.

Obtaining a subscription key

Firstly, to obtain a subscription_key, head over to our Staging Portal and create an account. Once your account has been created and you've logged in, head to the Products section and choose BillerDelivery. Enter a product subscription name, this is to help you identify when your application is using a particular product and click Subscribe.

Obtaining a client id and secret

To obtain a client_id and client_secret from our platform, you'll first need to register your application with us. To register your application client, please complete the following form Client Details Form and send it to support. Once your application has been approved, Ordo will contact you to share your client_id and client_secret.

Register an account with Ordo

Lastly, you'll need to create an account with our service on our staging web environment here. That will provide you with your billerParticipantId which is your unique ID within Ordo. This will then be tied to your client credentials and will allow us to identify you with our platform.

As this is on our staging environment, Ordo will add a mock bank account to your newly created profile and provide you with a billerAccountId. This will be the bank account you receive dummy payments into when your payment requests are paid.


For security, you will also receive an email containing a billerParticipantId and a billerAccountId once Ordo have set up your account with our platform. Keep hold of these values as they are required fields in a number of api requests.

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