Webhook notifications are available across all Ordo products and services including Single Payments and Recurring Payment Agreements

Single Payments

Webhooks enable Billers to receive a real-time update whenever the status of a payment request or recurring payment agreement changes. This mechanism is an alternative to the Biller polling endpoints at Ordo on a scheduled or ad hoc basis.

There are 7 possible status updates (events) once a payment request has been initiated:

READ - Payment request read/viewed by Payer

PAYALL - Payment request authorised by Payer and payment successfully made in full

PAYPARTIAL - Payment request authorised by Payer and Partial payment successfully made

DECLINE - Payment request cancelled/declined by Payer within Ordo user journey

WITHDRAW - Payment request withdrawn by Merchant

EXPIRE - Payment request reaches Merchant-set expiry date

BLOCK - Payer, who has registered with Ordo, view payment request from within the Ordo web/app rather than by following the payment link. As registered user, Payer has option to Decline and also request Ordo don’t send any further payment requests to them. This is a very narrow edge-case

Recurring Payment Agreement

READ - Mandate request read/viewed by Payer

INITIATED - Mandate created in Ordo

AWAITING AUTHORISATION - Mandate read/viewed by Payer

AUTHORISED - Mandate authorised by Payer

CANCELLED (cancelledByOrdo) - Mandate cancelled by Ordo

CANCELLED (cancelledByPayerwithout Authorisation) - Mandate cancelled/declined by Payer within Ordo user journey

CANCELLED (cancelledByPayerAfter Authorisation) - Mandate cancelled by Payer within Ordo after authorising

CANCELLED (cancelledByPayerWithinASPSP) - Mandate cancelled by Payer within ASPSP/Bank

CANCELLED (cancelledByMerchant) - Mandate cancelled by Merchant

EXPIRED - Mandate reaches the Merchant-set expiry date

Recurring Payment Agreement - Transactions

CLOSED - Transaction accepted by ASPSP/Bank and payment successfully made

PENDING - Transaction processed - awaiting confirmation

​REJECTED - Transaction has failed validation in Ordo - typically, transaction exceeds the Mandate parameters

DECLINED - Transaction failed at ASPSP/Bank - typically, due to insufficient funds when transaction presented to ASPSP/Bank


Recommended Test Environment

If you don't have a dedicated webhook test capability, we suggest This provides you with a unique URL that can be used for testing over a few days. You will need to provide us with the URL which we can associate with specific Participant IDs or your UserID, by completing the Ordo Client Form