Authorising a recurring payment mandate

After successfully creating a recurring mandate, you can begin the end user authorisation journey

Ordo returns a URL in the response associated with the property vrpAuthUrl and is unique to each mandate request. You can present this to your customers by whichever mechanism is suitable in your application.

See below for an example URL:

To test this functionality end-to-end, Ordo’s staging environment includes the NatWest Bank sandbox application, which is a 3rd party application that emulates a ‘real’ bank and is used to simulate the customer authorising the set up of a recurring payment mandate.

This allows developers integrating into Ordo’s APIs to review and set up any created recurring payment mandate for testing, prior to promoting to your application to Production and live proving.

Test authorisation of mandates

To complete mandate creation, your end user must authorise account linking with their banking provider. To do this we must use a browser redirect. Some flows may differ slightly but generally the flow will be:

  1. Start authorisation flow to receive next steps
  2. Submit information required for next step - in this case provider selection.
  3. Receive redirect URL for end user mandate authorisation
  4. Redirect the end user to this URL
  5. Once the user has given their consent, they will be redirected to Ordo
  6. Ordo will finalise the mandate authorisation with the user's provider
  7. Ordo will then redirect the end user back to you

Natwest Bank - Staging environment for the end user experience

Navigate to the provided URL in the response after creating a recurring payment mandate request, which opens the Ordo Authorisation end user experience.

Review the parameters of the mandate under the "Mandate Details". Once you are happy with the details click Set Up Mandate to initialise the payment.


Won't need this page as is the eCommerce Experience (faux merchant) page

Select NatWest as the Payment Bank and click I agree to authorise the mandate.


Click I Agree and Ordo will navigate you to NatWest for authorisation.


At Natwest Bank, you will need to log in using the credentials below:


Customer Number

Username: 123456789012




Type the same number as you are asked for for PIN and password - i.e. 5 7 2 then 4 3 6




Some browsers warn that the Username/Password have been seen in a data breach. As this is not a ‘real’ bank, there is no risk associated with this. Therefore, please do not amend the login details as doing so will impact all other end customers.

Natwest Bank provides a list of bank accounts that can be debited.

Select the desired account you wish the amount to be taken out from, check that the VRP details match what you are expecting to see, then click Confirm VRP


You will then be redirected back to Ordo where the setup of the mandate will be completed.
If setup is successful, you will see the below screen. If a bdrRedirectURL was supplied when creating the mandate, clicking Finish will redirect you to the supplied URL.