Introduction - single payments

Ordo-hosted (white-labelled) vs Client hosted payer experience

Ordo's 'Payment as a Service' offering delivers a turn-key solution for Open Banking payments. Our highly secure service, designed and built by payments experts, provides an array of frictionless payments solutions that are easier than ever for you and your customers to use, and are more cost effective than traditional payment methods

Ordo provides two options for integration allowing you as a business to choose the one that suits your use case the best. Our hosted and white-labelled payer journey means that Ordo handles the user experience (UX) through a series of customisable screens, before redirecting your customer to their Bank, whereas our client hosted payment journey allows you the merchant to maintain your own UI and UX whist still taking advantage of Ordo's Open Banking connectivity and payment orchestration.

Ordo-hosted (white-labelled) payer journey

Once you have created a payment request and presented a link to your customer, Ordo will handle everything else (presenting the request, choosing their bank etc.)

Ordo's client hosted payer journey

In this version, you will present all the elements of the payment journey to your customer, utilising Ordo's secure platform seamlessly managing the interactions behind the scenes.

For more information on our two single payment products, please review our Ordo and Client hosted solutions.