Paying a payment request

Learn how to make payments on our staging environment.

Upon successfully creating a payment request, Ordo returns a URL in the response associated with the property bdRlink and is unique to each payment request. You can present this to your customers by whichever mechanism is suitable in your application.

See below for an example URL:

To test this functionality end-to-end, Ordo’s staging environment includes the Modelo Bank which is a 3rd party application that emulates a ‘real’ bank and is used to simulate the Ordo Payment Initiation Service end customer experience for making an Ordo Open Banking payment.

This allows developers integrating into Ordo’s APIs to review and pay any created payment requests for testing, prior to promoting to your application to Production and live proving. White labelling can also be applied to the end customer payment journey in the staging environment and so it is recommended to test this at this point. More information on Ordo white labelling can be found White-labelling

Modelo Bank - End customer experience

Navigate to the provided URL in the response after creating payment request, which opens the Ordo Quick Checkout payment journey.


Select Modelo Sandbox as the Payer's bank and click Pay now to initialise the payment.


Click Ok and Ordo will navigate you to Modelo Bank for authorisation.


At Modelo Bank, you will need to log in using the credentials below:


Modelo Login Credentials

Username: mits
Password: mits



Some browsers warn that the Username/Password have been seen in a data breach. As this is not a ‘real’ bank, there is no risk associated with this. Therefore, please do not amend the login details as doing so will impact all other end customers.


Modelo Bank provides a list of bank accounts that can be debited. All of them should present a positive response with the exception of ‘Octon Inc (700001-70000005)’ which gives what is called a pending response; this indicates that the bank hasn’t given a definitive response. This caters for a very niche scenario in the UK where a bank gives a pending response initially, and then confirms payment completion, typically within 15-30 minutes.

Click Confirm and the payment will be authorised by the bank.


You will then be redirected back to Ordo where the payment will be executed.


If the payment was successful, you will see details of the payment including who it was paid to and the amount that was paid. If a bdrRedirectURL was supplied when creating the payment request, clicking Return to merchant will redirect you to the supplied URL.


Once the payment has been completed, you can view the status of this payment in your Ordo account by logging in to Ordo Staging under the Smart Requests section.