Client forms

The Ordo Staging and Production Environments both use an Identity Service to provide Authentication and Authorisation services.

Each client application will be assigned a set of credentials which must be presented to the Identity Service whenever it is used.

By completing the Ordo Client Details Form below and sending this back to support at Ordo, for the Staging Environment this will initiate the integration process to begin. You will repeat this same process to initiate the integration process into the Production Environment after your Staging testing is complete.

Please ensure you have completed your staging activity before requesting access to the production environment.

Ordo will then provide you with a Client ID, Client Secret to use in conjunction with your Subscription Key for use with the Identity Service.


Ordo Client Details Form

Ordo White-labelling

Ordo APIs support the ability to white-label the Ordo payment journey so that your customers can enjoy an enhanced experience that features your logo and branding.

To take advantage of this feature, please complete the Ordo White-Labelling form below and send it back to support at Ordo.

We will then upload your data elements to our platform ready for your system integration testing and then on to production.


Ordo White-Labelling Form

Please Complete & Send Back To Ordo Support


For a walkthrough on completing our white-labelling form, see White-Labelling